The Websites of the Future

In what often seems like no time at all, technology and the internet have come on in leaps and bounds. The internet of today is quite different from, lets’ say, the internet of 15 years ago. If you already have a website, you’ll know all too well that new updates and web tools pop up on an almost daily basis. WordPress, for example, is constantly announcing new improvements and updated versions, as they attempt to keep their market share over their rivals.

From a business point of view, being abreast of developments and prepared to move with the times as they change, will help you remain ahead of the crowd and well-established online. With this is mind, we thought we’d take a gaze into a crystal ball and think about what some of the features that we might see in the websites of the future.

Websites will become ‘smart websites’

In the future we expect that websites, as we know them, will evolve into ‘smart websites’ that aim to create a more cutomised user experience. This means they will blend both business storytelling and high-end performance. We designers [that’s us!] will set about fine-tuning transactional approaches through the use of tailored landing pages, removing the ‘hard sell’ to craft a more positive, free flowing and natural experiences users.
How does this benefit the ‘future you?’ Put simply it will mean higher conversion rates and a much more positive, personalised experience for your website visitors.

AI [Artificial Intelligence]

We’re already seeing this now, with AI being incorporated into consumer AI devices through things such as Amazon’s Alex and Apples Siri. In the future this could mean that your audience is actually using AI to browse and read your site, rather than relying on their own eyes. Your web content strategy might well need a rethink in order to be ready for this, as “artificial” audiences may not be able to pick up the subtle nuances of the visual language such as colours, typography and images. Expect the language used on websites to become more conversational, as developers strive to ensure that your audience receives your message in a way that makes them more likely to interpret it correctly and engage with you.

The chatbots have taken over the Asylum

Chatbots have the potential to change both the user experience and the entire marketing game and, as such, they are advancing rapidly. Chatbots are used widely in Messenger apps, which are so much more than “Chat” tools. Businesses are already becoming more and more creative with their uses of such applications, and people now have the ability to research products, ask important questions and even make purchases, all within the context of a virtual conversation. Chatbots may well have an impact upon how your website is designed and extend the level of integration required for your website.

Enhanced marketing automation

Marketing Automation (MA) is fast becoming a huge buzz word within the industry, but as a trend, it’s still pretty much in its infancy. We expect that we’ll continue to see advances in automated systems for things such as collecting user data, integrating it into your website or back-end system, and using it to communicate with your potential customers. All of this means that, in theory, MA will enable businesses to offer dynamic personalisation of web content and present messages that are tailored to individual visitors. Once again, this will lead to improvements in the conversion process for both on, and off, page interactions.

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